6 Reasons to Use Robotic Process Automation

6 Reasons to Use Robotic Process Automation

The word ‘work’ has somewhat contradictory connotations in our language. It can mean something very valuable, a condition of survival or a successful career, or even the route to wellbeing and a sense of fulfilment. A job is the thing we must search for, pursue, and eventually convince an employer that we are worthy of undertaking.

When we have a job then we have space in our minds to dream of cool holidays and plenty of exciting weekends, free to indulge in whatever activities we like. Having a full time job means that weekend become the most anticipated time of the week – which is a testimony to our ambivalent attitude towards work.

There is also another common attitude to ‘work’: a culture of “I hate Monday” syndrome, stupid bosses, malicious colleagues, missed promotions, long hours, and seeing a job as something that steals your joy and makes your life miserable.

Neither the first nor the second understanding of ‘work’ is acceptable. It should be more than a dream and a privilege to pursue, but on the other hand it cannot be a curse that potentially causes unhappiness and frustration.

Thus, it is high time that we redefined the word ‘work’.

It should be our right. It cannot merely be a source of income that helps us to survive; first and foremost is should be a way to express ourselves and to contribute to our communities.

It is a huge paradox that the solution to the need to redefine ‘work’ might be robots! Actually, it is software robots, the newest IT solution, the next big deal: Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Robotic Process Automation is the application of smart software within a company, in order to free up employees from boring, repetitive tasks. Everything we do that is formulaic and takes more than 90 seconds can be automated.

Furthermore, RPA’s economic impact will be greater than autonomous vehicles, which are incredibly popular thanks to Tesla, Uber, or Google. The industry has been developing for a while, and it will totally transform our marketplace and our lifestyle.

The RPA technologies market will be worth $6.7 trillion by 2025. And will be as significant an event as the rise of the mobile internet.

I strongly believe that RPA will have an incredible impact on our lives, businesses and jobs. It is an inevitable change as powerful as the birth of the Internet in 1994. We need to learn how to embrace this change and make it work for our better, common future.

Let’s have a look at a few of the most important reasons why we should implement RPA in our companies as soon as possible.

1. Significant increase of job satisfaction

Humans are certainly not destined to do repetitive, mundane tasks. Do you remember “Modern Times” a 1936 comedy film where Charlie Chaplin, after working in a factory, could not stop doing the same automated gestures he completed for his work?

We humans are designed to do great stuff. We are creative and sublime. Only in this situation can we showcase our abilities, make real progress and build the ultimate destiny of mankind. And sometimes simply have fun while working.

Thanks to RPA there will be no more awful Mondays (but awesome ones only) and no more impatient waiting for weekends, as the whole week will become a fascinating, fulfilling time.

It looks like robotics is the factor that will free us from tasks that can be done by smart software so that we can enjoy our lives more; or even to the full.

2. Boosting efficiency

A robot does the same repetitive, rule-based tasks as an employee, but faster – sometimes much faster; even 10 or 15 times faster. He, or she if you prefer, can work all the time; no sleep, no lunch break, no emotional bias or self doubts, no spendings on motivational programmes… 365 days a year, including a time when you’re surfing in the Bahamas, exploring the Himalayas or eating Christmas dinner.

3. Making and saving money

During a public lecture at the London School of Economics on 9th May 2016, Professor Mary Lacity and Professor Leslie Willcocks analysed RPA from many interesting perspectives. One of the most significant topics was the profitability of RPA in business. After examining 14 companies that used RPA, the researchers found that the return on investment was between 40% and a staggering 350%.

However, ROI has even been known to reach 800% percent!

Robots can also reduce your labour costs by 25%-50%., which makes it a vastly more effective solution than offshore business process outsourcing.

4. Facilitating governance

To successfully compete and develop in their markets, contemporary enterprises need to make constant progress. In order to do this they must measure and analyse all businesses processes and then see what to change, adjust, simplify or improve. Software robots are ideal for this job, as they accurately measure everything they do.

5. Improving agility

The word ‘agile’ has been famous since at least 2001, when it was used in the Agile Manifesto (a Manifesto for Agile Software Development) by British software developer Martin Fowler. If you are an entrepreneur you know very well that ‘agility’ is now a key word in business. If you are not agile not only will you not develop, but you will probably not survive. Software robots are your natural allies in this complex process. They can work with all your platforms and applications immediately, and they will evolve together with your company in the future!

A constantly changing civilisation requires the continual improvements and self-improvements of a business organisation.

6. Standardising processes

Your company will certainly benefit from precise, unchangeable processes. Robots are far better at doing this than us humans.

Automation software is perfect for error-free, repetitive and standardised operations. And we are great innovators and visionaries; being free from repetitive, time and energy consuming tasks, we can focus on making our world a better place to live in.

The future of effective business begins now, and depends entirely on the abilities of organisations to automate their activities and business operations. As  Charles Darwin famously said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable.” If you optimise the ability of your business to adapt and evolve, you will not only survive but you will give yourself a fantastic chance to gain a competitive advantage in your chosen market. If you hesitate too long then there will no longer be room for your business to effectively compete in the future.


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6 Reasons to Use Robotic Process Automation
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One thought on “6 Reasons to Use Robotic Process Automation

  1. Anyway, I think that most valuable thing is standardisation of processes. It is the ususal practice that companies are working with no standardisation and no key described results or even sufficient and necessary activities needed to complete the tasks. This leads mostly to infectiveness, loosing time and unnecessary works and costs. It seems that automation helps to overcome that.

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