Automation in insurance

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Automation in insurance

G1ant focuses on delivering robust results in the insurance sector – improving customer service, reducing processing time, significant savings and increasing competitive advantage. In line with the current trend, we provide robotics solutions with a secure and scalable service. G1ant as a dedicated service provider provides the possibility of outsourcing the service and maintenance of robots.


Example processes


  • Risk and compliance

Each task performed by the robot can be monitored and recorded at every step, providing an audit trail.

This can help ensure compliance and support further improvements in the process. G1ant helps to model faster and cheaper processes instead of using staff to query permissions, audit trails and compliance.


  • Sales and guarantees

Multi-tasking in sales and warranty can benefit greatly from automation.

Automation of annual reports from corporate customers; update of e-invoicing contact information; transfer of insurance policies purchased online automatically to an older system; handling of insurance termination notices; travel insurance; medical or other certificates; and responding to inquiries or premium payment rescheduling – all this can benefit from automation.

G1ant will help you build customer satisfaction.


  • Contact centre

When the number of incoming e-mails and messages from customers is high, the response time can be reduced. This can be done by classifying customer emails and online messages using a combination of natural language processing, machine learning techniques and robotic process automation.

These methods accelerate the prioritization of important and urgent queries. Chatbots can be used to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen relationships with customers.


  • Financial administration

Automation enables faster and more efficient processes in financial administration.

Starting with the validation of basic data, preparation and posting of recurring accounting records, through ensuring the completeness and accuracy of interface transfers between sub accounts and general ledger, to the preparation of supporting documentation for journal entries at the end of the month – automation enables faster and more efficient processes.

Automation capabilities exist in reconciling and analyzing month-end accounting records and reports, including real-time analysis and document archiving. Other options include creating data on suppliers, handling returns, automation of direct and indirect taxes, updating the value of assets and receivables based on the group’s accounting policy. G1ant supports process innovation in all these areas.


  • Complaints

The submission of a complaint or the transfer of an application online to an older system is often the purpose of automation.

It is also possible to automate the process of evaluating complaints or related payments from health care and rehabilitation companies. Artificial intelligence technologies, such as image recognition, can have a significant impact on claims assessment, significantly increasing their accuracy.

G1ant, thanks to robotic process automation, deals with claims handling as basic processes in building a stronger and more efficient business.


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