G1ANT and Microsoft discussing RPA together on a webinar

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G1ANT and Microsoft discussing RPA together on a webinar

Recently G1ANT was invited by Microsoft representatives to partake in a short webinar and discussion concerning digital transformation. Matt Jagiello, our Executive Sales and Marketing Director, answered questions and shed some light on RPA as an industry and set of tools. Executives from 2 other companies, Sanofi and CodeTwo were also invited and talked about their needs and solutions.


Sanofi is a large pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Paris, France. Their appearance introduced quite an interesting twist to the discussion, showing the problems of healthcare companies and how the recent worldwide crisis changed their operations. Turns out that the biggest challenge they are facing is data integrity and normalization – different systems store data in various formats, and healthcare companies lack cross-application distribution and coherence. Robotic Process Automation can certainly help with this.


The recording was originally spoken in Polish for the EMEA region, but we have made full English subtitles for all parts. You can find the subtitled version below:





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