How G1ANT and Rhenus support Polish hospitals during the pandemic

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How G1ANT and Rhenus support Polish hospitals during the pandemic

G1ANT together with our partner, Rhenus Data Office Poland, has officially announced a new initiative aimed at helping hospitals in Poland in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.


Poland is currently entering its biggest stage of growth in terms of people affected, with hundreds of cases any many deaths daily. The Polish healthcare system and hospitals are on the brink of overload, lacking resources, money and basic supplies to deal with the pandemic.


Many different companies already put financial or resource support to aid the Poles, and G1ANT joins them now together with Polish partner company, Rhenus. The action called #wspieramyszpitale (#supportthehospitals) is a way of implementing RPA robots in Polish hospitals. The goal of these robots is to process patient registration, case descriptions, pre-selections , attachments and paperwork so that the staff can work more efficiently and not have physical contact with suspected ill.


Robotic workers will free some precious time of the day and help reduce exposure to potential cases, allowing hospitals to process ever so slightly more patients in a much more secure manner.


Both G1ANT and Rhenus have resigned from any kind of profits from this action – only hardware and necessary costs are present. To cover these, any company and person can donate any amount of money on the crowdfunding platform Equipping 1 hospital with RPA patient processing from scratch is just 4000 Polish zlotys, so less than $ 965. Poland has 332 hospitals in total, and some have already been covered by the initiative. The 1st one, Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka (Children Healthcare Center) will be covered in a whitepaper next week, so stay tuned!


The current situation demands full attention from all of us: business, engineers, society and individuals. I am positive we can make a difference and help hospitals by offloading much work from the staff to our robots. Every day and cent brings us closer – thank you!‘ – says Tom Kmiecik, G1ANT CEO.


To find out more, visit (in Polish)


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