How G1ANT.Robot works. A case study of the anti money laundering check

How G1ANT.Robot works. A case study of the anti money laundering check

Exemplis discimus is a great ancient rule that is incredibly relevant today. It means: “we learn by example”. Indeed, the best way to explain a new concept in business is to use a good case study that showcases how an idea could be applied in your enterprise.

The customers we meet daily have no problem understanding any automation concept, whether it’s simple or sophisticated and complex. They immediately grasp every financial aspect of automation and the  positive impact implementing smart software has on productivity. They know that agility is important in 21st century enterprises, and that insufficient innovation through robotic process automation (RPA) can rob projects of their profitability.

However, the problem is that sometimes they do not know exactly what we are talking about when, as we describe the benefits of RPA, we refer to mundane, boring and repetitive tasks.

When we admit that our G1ANT robot can automate every task that takes more than 90 seconds they often ask for examples.

I think the reason for this is that we have so many mundane tasks in our everyday work we wish were automated that some of us feel confused for a moment when we invoke robotic process automation in our conversations.

So let’s have a look at one of hundreds of examples of a simple task that can be automated using RPA: our original smart software, the G1ANT.Robot.  

Last month we recorded a very short video entitled “AML – Microsoft Dynamics CRM to LexisNexis Money Laundering”. In this video, you can see how our smart software logs into a CRM system, Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The G1ANT.Robot copies personal data from this system, then she (the G1ANT.Robot is female, by the way, breaking a shallow stereotype that difficult and complex technical tasks can only be done by male specialists) logs into the LexisNexis online account and pastes all personal data from the previous CRM to an online form located in the account in order to conduct an anti money laundering check. After completing this she goes again to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and adds a pdf file to the personal profile, containing the current anti money laundering report.

This process normally takes around 5 minutes, but  G1ANT.Robot does it in 40 seconds, which is seven and a half times faster. Not only this, humans quite often make errors, but our smart software does not. Furthermore, the robot works 24/7/365, not just Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm.

You can very easily calculate how much money you could save through this simple process. If you, or your employee, spend an hour every day completing this task, that amounts to 260 hours a year. Assuming that the person who undertakes this work earns £30,000 a year, one hour of this task is worth £14.40. £14.40 x 260 hours a year = £3,750. But that’s not all: as you remember, our robot completes the same process 7.5 faster. £3,750 x 7.5 = £28,125. What if implementing RPA freed a 1000 employees in a company from doing this process? That would amount to £28 million a year!

What if there are 100 business processes in your company that could be automated? There are probably much more business opportunities in RPA than most of us could even imagine yet.

As I wrote in one of my previous articles, RPA increases job satisfaction, boosts efficiency, makes and saves money, facilitates governance, improves agility and standardises processes. Today, I would like to add peace of mind and a much better foundation for planning the future of your business to this. In particular how, after automating mundane tasks, you now have employees who are happier and have more time for creative work! When you know that certain processes will always be done on time, at a predictable pace, with a high-quality and excellent final result, you can start to plan the immediate expansion of your business.

Andrzej Manka

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How G1ANT.Robot works. A case study of the anti money laundering check
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