The 3 Aspects Of Business That Benefit From Automation

The 3 Aspects Of Business That Benefit From Automation

There is no end to the work in our lives and businesses. The more tasks we automate, the more new projects we are able to develop, making our businesses become more sophisticated and – above all – more profitable. What does this mean for contemporary enterprises, especially in financial or legal industries? If you do not automate your business regularly and if you don’t make automation one of your priorities, you will lose your competitive advantage.

It is quite easy to understand the role of automation in our world when we compare what was 10 or 20 years ago with what we have now. Can you imagine that, whenever you needed some information, you had to go to the city library instead of simply typing into Google or another online search engine? Can you imagine still using mathematical equations instead of counting on a calculator or using Excel, or that payments had to be made through the post, with cash?

Now automation in business is even more crucial – and radical.

Everyone who wants to develop a business should automate as many processes as possible in order to have enough time and energy to achieve and accomplish more.

Let’s briefly consider three different aspects of your business that could benefit from automation:

1. Design thinking

Design thinking is a foundation of success for every organisation. It is a popular method for solving specific issues. It is a solution-focused thinking. We live in a constantly changing environment that is becoming more and more complex and requires deep analysis and proper understanding. Design thinking has become part of the strategy of every corporation and every modern business. Automation software can provide even more opportunities for design thinking, freeing employees from time consuming, uncreative tasks. Design thinking cannot be an additional activity in a company; it must be a core competency.

2. Innovation.

According to Brian Solis, a leading digital analyst, 40% of companies that had previously been part of the Fortune 500 were no longer there in 2010.

Innovation is a cornerstone of every successful business. Innovation in finance means faster and easier operations, and in legal better and more accurate analysis and conclusions. Innovation in accountancy or insurance can mean fewer errors and simpler procedures. “Whenever you think about making business faster, easier or more accurate and simpler, the only answer is robotic process automation (RPA)” explains Chris Prusik, founder of G1ANT, an RPA startup company based in London, “Nowadays there is no innovation without automation.

3. Management

Effective management has been at the centre of every business for centuries. In order to manage well, you must have an innate ability to understand people (and things). You need to define your goals and have the knowledge to find the best way to achieve them. An automation process is one of the most powerful assets in almost every aspect of management, especially in measuring and controlling results. As Peter F. Drucker put it: “What’s measured improves”.

It has never yet happened that we have wanted to “de-automate” something that has been automated. Once work has been automated we never want to return to manual tasks. Automation through smart software brings efficiency and ease.

Instead of worrying about the loss of jobs, let’s start to plan what we can do better and more of, and what new fantastic, innovative work we can achieve in our businesses if we implement robotic process automation.


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The 3 Aspects Of Business That Benefit From Automation
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